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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation provides incredible insulation properties that have been proved to last for decades, ensuring that your home is well-insulated and protected against the elements. Even after years of use, its R-value is substantially higher than other insulation kinds, making it one of the most efficient insulation types for combating blistering heat during the summer.

Attic Insulation

In taking care of your home, you may need to invest in some home upgrades to enhance the comfort it offers you and your family and one of these reliable upgrades would be attic insulation. This home upgrade is excellent in maintaining the most ideal thermal performance for your residential property and shielding it against elements that damage your home’s structure.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is an insulation type with a remarkable ability to slow down the transfer of heat from one area to another and is made up of deeply compressed and very tiny glass fibers. This insulation type can be easily installed on stud and joist spacing and is a number one choice for homeowners looking for an inexpensive insulation type.

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation is a popular insulation choice for homeowners who are in search of an insulation type that can bring out the best of their old home. A very environment-friendly insulation type, blown-in insulation is made up of common waste, cardboard, and other recycled materials, so you can guarantee that it also helps in protecting the environment.

Residential Insulation

When homeowners install high-quality insulation in various portions of their home, such as the basement, walls, floors and ceilings, and attic, they may expect a cooler, healthier home with greater long-term benefits. Residential insulation lowers annual energy expenses, improves soundproofing, and keeps vermin and other air allergens at bay, all of which contribute to a better, cleaner interior environment.

Commercial Insulation

With commercial insulation, buildings are excellently protected against numerous factors that may contribute to further damage. This insulation project helps in strengthening the structural integrity of the commercial property and also gives importance to enhancing its thermal performance as well as soundproofing ability to ensure that the people working inside will feel comfortable and safe all year round.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spray Foam Insulation More Energy Efficient?

Spray foam effectively serves as a thick barrier that prevents any amount of air from escaping and is also endowed with a higher R-value which only makes it even more energy-efficient compared to other types. It’s also excellent in maintaining the best thermal performance for your home all the while reducing the workload of other cooling devices, which protects them from excessive use and lengthens their lifespan in return.

Does Spray Foam Last Longer than Traditional Insulation?

Having a long lifespan that can last for the life of your home is one of the most admirable traits spray foam insulation carries, making it a home upgrade worth every penny spent. This insulation type can last for as long as 80 to 100 hundred years as long as it has proper maintenance and in some cases, you may need to retrofit or replace it once it starts showing signs of deterioration.

Is Spray Foam Eco-Friendly?

Numerous benefits are offered exclusively by spray foam which makes it one of the top insulation types to install your residential and commercial property with. Although spray foam is one of the best and most energy-efficient insulation types for homes and buildings, it doesn’t have much impact when it comes to protecting the environment against global warming and other pollutants that may inflict further damage to the environment.

Is Spray Foam Resistant to Mold?

Installing spray foam insulation on various areas of your home is a great way to foster mold prevention it guarantees homeowners up to 10 years of no mold growth. When this insulation type gets wet, it expands up to twice its size, so you can ensure that there will be no chance for any mold or mildew to exist in your space, especially in areas such as crawlspaces and basements.

What is closed-cell insulation?

Closed-cell insulation is a type of spray foam insulation that’s made up of tightly enclosed cells that prevent any amount of moisture and air from penetrating the insides of the foam. Its cells do not interconnect with each other compared to open-cell foam insulation which increases closed-cell insulation’s stability and rigidity compared to open-cell foam insulation.


Why Install of Insulation

It reduces sound

Noise does nothing but distract you and limit the comfort you may feel. Insulation will act as a thick barrier that will absorb sound once installed on walls, ceilings, and even floors, so you can expect that your home will be capable of combatting any amount of noise that may dare to penetrate your home and cause disturbance or discomfort to your daily life.

It saves you money

Saving money is simple to accomplish, but only if your home is equipped with high-quality insulation. Insulation has a high energy efficiency, which helps you save money by lowering your annual energy expenses by up to 15%. It also preserves the general structure of your home, allowing you to save money on renovations and maintenance.

It is environmental friendly

Insulation types are endowed with lesser harmful chemicals, which makes them such eco-friendly home upgrades where you can invest your money in. Mostly made up of recycled materials, every type of insulation can help in reducing waste and lessens the emission of harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide and mercury that harm the environment and contribute to its further destruction.

Savings on Energy Bills

Saving from your energy bills is made possible by installing high-quality insulation on various areas of your home, such as walls, the basement, and the attic. Insulation can get you as much as 15% savings on cooling expenses through its ability to tightly seal holes and crevices so no amount of air will escape your home; hence maintaining the most ideal temperature for the whole space.

Enhanced Structural Integrity

By protecting every home against severe weather conditions, pests, moisture, and many other factors that may contribute to its further damage, installing insulation is a popular home upgrade that will enhance the structural integrity of your home and lengthen its lifespan to get the best of all the long-term benefits and advantages it offers to every homeowner around the globe.

Priority Spray Foam Insulation Tucson

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